What happens when AI and neuroscience are fused with psychedelic experiences

A business news announcement on April 9 heralded Compass Pathways Investor Peter Thiel’s new stake in a device that allows “ computer interfaces to help treat people with mental conditions.”

Psyber, Thiel’s newest acquisition, is a brain computer interface which enables direct communication between a human brain and an external…

He’s professional journalism’s success story poster boy

The arrogant sneer is a pretty good likeness (photo Rana Sawalha on Unsplash)

Here’s the scene: famous white male food writer who has never had an original thought reads a woman’s original autobiographical story in Scientific American Mind about psychedelics as medicine, does a light rewrite — substituting interviews with white males for her personal accounts — and sells rewritten article to The…

Pushing the highly-addictive dissociative drug ketamine confounds the clinical introduction of psychedelics as therapy

Image credit: Wall Street Insanity

I was surprised a few months ago by an announcement in the trade magazine, Psychedelic Spotlight proclaiming the world’s first psychedelic-assisted therapy clinic was set to open its doors in Bristol, England.

UK on the Brink of a Psychedelic Therapy Revolution” shrieked another headline in Filter Mag.

Like anything…

Corporations will own all of your relationships one day, including your psychedelic experience

Photo of Aminita Muscaria by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

It’s not really that hard to guess what was going through the head of venture capitalist and Paypal founder Peter Thiel who is worth $2.2 billion, when Compass Pathways, a company in which he’s heavily invested, filed a patent application for psychedelic therapy — not for the drug itself, psilocybin…

Releasing psychic energy tied to the fear of death and worry about the future allows patients to live more meaningfully in the present

Amanita muscaria, a toxic hallucinogenic mushroom grows symbiotically with the roots of pine trees. Photo by Robert Weideman on Unsplash

Over the last fifteen years, psychedelics have begun to make a slow but inexorable return to the psychotherapeutic treatment space. Clinical findings from the years prior to their 1971 banishment were consistent. No other method had been found to be as effective for alcoholism, depression, drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, smoking…

A mis en scène of fake humility

A young woman, shocked. Photo by Amir Taheri on Unsplash.

A multi-tweet advice thread calling itself “HARSH WRITING ADVICE” popped up in my Twitter feed a few days ago from someone I don’t know and don’t follow. Its aim was to dispense tough girl “HARSH WRITING ADVICE” tips to aspiring writers. I rarely react to Twitter. I’ve got better things…

I failed to see my father for the predator he was until I saw him through my friend’s eyes.

The Burghers of Calais by August Rodin, Stanford University Campus. Author’s image.

It is summer and I’m at my parents’ house in Palo Alto, on the Stanford campus. I have a newly-minted MA degree in English from Brown.

I’ve hunkered down in my old bedroom, which is no longer mine, really, because the moment I left home, my parents rented it out…

Erica Rex

Writer for NYT, Sci Am Nat‘l Mag Award. Climate, mental health, wild things. Newsletter: https://psychedelicrenaissance.substack.com/

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